Launched in 2015, the “GT Sports Club” is SRO’s European Series exclusively reserved for Gentlemen drivers, categorized Bronze by the FIA.

Suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “GT Sports Club” is to be relaunched and expanded next season as an umbrella category for three distinct championships as part of the 15thAnniversary celebration of the GT3 category, initiated by SRO in 2006.

A selection of the most iconic European circuits, race formats which corresponds to a finely balanced equation of budget – pleasure – availability (the ratio between the time away from home and business and the time behind the wheel) and driver categorisations have been carefully designed for each category of car, ranging from the first generations of GT3 cars to the current ones, through to the new GT2 cars and all the way to the track-designed Supersportscars, labeled as GT1 by SRO.

Thanks to an expanded partnership with Rebellion Timepieces, the renamed GT Rebellion Series will provide gentlemen drivers with their own championship for the latest generations of GT3 cars. This will see two Bronze-graded competitors join forces for three-hour races at some of Europe’s premier circuits.
Within the same events, the new GT2 European Series will create a competitive environment for the next generation of machinery, which will expand to feature four manufacturers next year.  

This will consist of two 50-minute sprint races, either in pairs or driving alone, with Am and Pro-Am podiums.

The calendar for both series will include the Monza GT3 15th Anniversary meeting. This special four-day event will celebrate a special milestone for the enduringly popular category by bringing together 30-minute “Anniversary” races for Generation 1 (2006-2009) and Generation 2 (2009-2013) GT3 machinery, the new GT Rebellion and GT2 European Series, as well as the opening round of GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS.

Complementing these series, the GT1 Sports Club draws upon the same ethos to create a non-competitive programme for super sports cars such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Lamborghini SCV12 and McLaren Senna GTR, which do not usually have the opportunity to join together on-track. This non-racing, race-inspired concept will offer eight hours of track time and limited numbers on the circuit, with events to follow GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS weekends.

Crucially, the new series will enjoy the same volume and quality of media coverage as GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS while benefiting from the same level of services. This include high standards of technical scrutineering and sporting environment, high quality TV production and access to the high-level central hospitality structure and VIP catering service considered essential to bring all the drivers under one roof and create a unique “sports club” environment.


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